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Cycle Toronto's July 13, 2018 'Ring & Post' republished (we get a mention)

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July 13, 2018

Sign the pledge to #BuildTheGrid
On Monday, October 22, 2018, Torontonians will cast their votes for a mayor and city councillors who will shape our city over the next four years. We're excited to share our #BuildtheGrid campaign, which will help raise cycling as a key election issue.
We'll be asking all mayoral and council candidates these three questions:
1. Will you be a champion for building safe connected bike routes in my neighbourhood?
2. Will you support building protected bike lanes on main streets? (use local examples like Bloor, Danforth, Yonge, etc.)
3. Do you support accelerating the City’s 10-Year Cycling Network Plan to be completed in the next four years, instead of by 2026?

Over 650 people have signed the pledge!

Support #BuildtheGrid campaign:
  • Add your name to show your support for building a safe, connected grid of bike lanes across the city.
  • Subscribe to our Action Alerts mailing list to receive updates on the campaign and how to get involved.


Advocacy updates: Danforth, Vision Zero, St Clair

Danforth bike counts, courtesy of our Ward 36 (formerly 30) Group.
On June 19, we announced #BuildTheVisionTO, as part of a coalition of road safety advocates. In the wake of a number of vulnerable road user deaths in early June, Cycle Toronto participated in a press conference with coalition partners TCAT, Walk Toronto, 8 80 Cities, and Friends & Families for Safe Streets to launch #BuildTheVisionTO.The campaign is a call to action with 15 recommendations for City Council to address the slow pace on eliminating traffic collisions resulting in serious injury or death. Media and public response to the launch was significant and positive.
This announcement was soon followed by Council’s decision to double the Vision Zero road safety budget for 2018. Later that day, Mayor John Tory responded that he would take the calls to action seriously. His announcement of $13 million in 2018 for the City’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan was increased to $22 million after recommendations from Executive Committee passed through Toronto & East York Community Council. Pending final Council approval, the current 2018 budget of $21.6 million for Vision Zero will be doubled.
In a related measure, the school safety zones proposed in June were adopted without issue by full Council at their June 26 meeting (note that these are officially Community Safety Zones, which can be implemented on a full block instead of only the 150 metre frontage of a school that a School Safety Zone covers).
Good news for the Danforth
Cycle Toronto joined the David Suzuki Foundation and Friends & Families for Safe Streets in speaking to the excellent Danforth Planning Study report presented to Toronto & East York Community Council on July 5. We were pleased to see the Community Council pass motions (subject to full Council approval) supporting a Complete Streets Study for the Danforth in 2019 which will lay the groundwork for the installation of protected bike lanes.
Visit our Danforth campaign page for details, including a brand new bike count conducted by Ward 36 Bikes (formerly Ward 30) demonstrating an incredible demand for cycling on the Danny.
St Clair West Master Transportation Plan
We had the opportunity to offer feedback to the City of Toronto on the Transportation Master Plan for the area around St Clair Ave West, between Keele St and Old Weston Rd. Our recommendations include:
  • Year-round, direct east-west connections to the Cycling Network Plan routes
  • Underpass safety for bi-directional bike lanes
  • Biking connections to the SmartTrack station
  • Protected bike lanes on Gunns Road
  • Cycling connections beyond the study area
  • Vision Zero improvements
See our submission.

Want to see protected bike lanes on Bloor Street, Danforth Avenue, Yonge Street and beyond? So do we.
Join the Ride for Safe Streets (RFSS) and you’ll help us raise $50,000 to fund cycling advocacy. 
New this year—register by July 31 for our early-bird price of just $30, which includes lunch and a fully-escorted ride (10 km and 25 km options, both ending at Christie Pits Park). You can also join or renew your membership at our $20 ride special rate when you register! Deepen your impact by setting up an individual or team fundraising page, encouraging your friends to sign up, or simply by making a donation.
Don't miss out: register by July 31.

Join us for a relaxed group ride this summer.
TBMF Sunset Rides
We kicked off the first of four magical Sunset Series rides last night with local musician Adrian Underhill performing a pedal-powered set in beautiful Memorial Park, after riding up the Humber River. Our next musical ride is on Thursday, July 26 to Bell Manor Park.
Don’t miss out: RSVP here!
Scarborough Cycles - North Scarborough Green Loop Tour
We’re riding the North Scarborough Green Loop on July 28 for our annual Scarborough Cycles Ride. We'll begin the ride at Leslie TTC Station (25 km option) to Chester Le Park, next to Scarborough Cycles' new Bike Hub. From there we will ride the North Scarborough Green Loop (15 km option) with stops along the way to talk about about the project. Ride participants will get a free picnic lunch hosted by CultureLink's Bike Host program at Chester Le Park before we return to Leslie Station at 3:30 p.m.
Register here.

Report back on our 4 District Cycling Summits

Students presenting at the Scarborough Cycling Summit on June 28.
Last month we met over 150 cycling advocates from across the city during our Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, and Toronto & East York District Cycling Summits. These events were designed to make it easier for new volunteers to get involved in shaping the growth of cycling culture in neighbourhoods all across the city.
We focused on discussions about:
  1. Cycling Network 10 Year Plan: What does City Hall have in store for your district?
  2. You Told Us: Build a 5-step action plan for the top project ideas from last year's summit.
  3. Toronto Votes 2018: Help us raise cycling as an election issue in your community.
Subscribe to our Action Alerts mailing list to find out how to get involved as we reach out to local advocates ahead of the municipal election.

Bike Month Contest & Member Drive
Thank you to the nearly 250 people who joined or renewed with us in June. This flurry of activity brought us to a new membership high of 3,300!
Everyone who joined or renewed was entered to win a sweet prize: $500 to spend at MEC. Our lucky winner is Geoffrey Carter, pictured here with Liz Burnside, Assistant Manager at the King Street store, and our new staff member Claire McFarlane.

Congrats to Bike Month Member Drive winner Geoffrey Carter.

This year over 4,600 people registered in the Bike Month contest for a chance to win one of three amazing prizes: a $500 MEC gift card and a $500 VIA Rail Voucher. We invited our three lucky winners from Hamilton, Guelph, and Toronto to share their stories. Visit the Bike Month blog to discover how riding a bike fits into their daily lives, and how they plan to enjoy their prizes!

Amy Hondronicols was one of our three Bike Month Contest winners.

If you joined or renewed during Bike Month (May 28 to June 30) you are welcome to come by our office to get a free T-shirt (pictured) while supplies last.
Visit our office between 9:30-5:30PM next week to grab yours. Please call before you head out (416-644-7188) to make sure someone is in the office to greet you.

We are pleased to welcome Claire McFarlane to the team as our Programs & Operations Coordinator. Claire most recently worked at Sweet Pete’s and brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm about bikes to the organization. She's also the director of The Bad Girls* Bike Club—an organization that runs workshops and group rides for women, trans and non-binary people—which she co-founded in 2016. Claire sits on the Charlie's FreeWheels board as the director of marketing and communications. In 2017, she graduated with a bachelors of Journalism from Ryerson University. She likes to go on cycling adventures whenever she can.  


Ever wished there was a way to report issues with bike parking around the city? BikeSpace is a community-built web app supported by the City of Toronto. This simple app is quick, easy to use and designed for mobile and desktop. Toronto needs a data-driven solution to bike parking; BikeSpace will produce that data and drive real change.
They have recently released a beta version of the web app: try it out and tell them what you think!

Gold Business Member Profile: Toronto Hydro

Cycle Toronto is pleased to have Toronto Hydro as a Bike Valet partner and Gold Business Member again in 2018. Here's how to stay safe when a work zone occurs on or near a bike lane:

With Toronto Hydro crews working 24/7 on maintenance and emergency response, work zones are required to safely access equipment and conduct repairs. Sometimes, they can block bike lanes or cycle tracks. While pylons may disrupt the roadway, they are there for your safety. Crews work on live wires. When approaching a work zone, do not enter. Merge into traffic carefully, or dismount and walk around. Let's work together to keep our roads safe.  

NEWSFLASH: Cycling in the news

Platinum Business Members

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Media Release - Traffic Count Indicates Huge Demand for Bike Lanes on Danforth

Danforth Bike Count Indicates Huge Demand for Bike Lanes

TORONTO - Tuesday, July 3, 2018: A recent Danforth Ave. bicycle count confirms what
active transportation advocates have long known: there are thousands of cyclists on the
Danforth and the potential for growth with a long-awaited bike lane would send the
numbers skyward. A comprehensive bike count conducted on Danforth Avenue confirms
that Danforth is ready for a fully-protected bike lane. In this new video count, over 3,000
cyclists were documented on a recent weekday, a number similar to the pre-bike lane
volume on Bloor Street.

Graph - Vehicle Counts along Danforth Ave., June 14, 2018
Autos and Bicycles on Danforth + mode share on June 14, 2018 - graph by Kevin Rupasinghe - July 2, 2018

The video recording was conducted from a rooftop along Danforth Ave., overlooking its
intersection with Jackman Ave., between Broadview and Logan Ave. A full 24 hours of
video was reviewed by a team of 14 volunteers to count each bicycle and automobile.

“Video technology allows us to capture data conveniently,” said Kevin Rupasinghe, a U.
of T. engineering graduate and a volunteer on this count. “And perhaps as importantly,
video recordings allow for verification of data.” (The data and video are available to
media. A YouTube clip for 5:20 to 5:40pm is also available.)

“These numbers were not a surprise. The Danforth is a logical east west route for people
on bikes, as well as being a fantastic destination. It connects to existing lanes on Jones,
Greenwood, and Woodbine, plus the Bloor Viaduct. The Danforth is long overdue for
protected bike lanes," said Mary-Ann Neary, Chair of Ward 32 Spokes. Despite lacking
infrastructure, Danforth currently handles more cyclists than some of the City’s most
popular cycling facilities, emphasizing the demand for a bike lane. Those numbers are
likely to increase substantially if a protected cycling lane is installed - Bloor saw a hugespike in cycling traffic after the pilot was built, while the Richmond-Adelaide lanes saw
increases of 600% to over 1,100% with no major impact on vehicle travel times.

A 1992 city report identified Danforth Ave. (along with Bloor Street) as an ideal east-west
route that could form the spine of a city cycling network. The volume of automobile traffic
along the Danforth exceeds the City’s own guidelines for where dedicated cycling
infrastructure should be built. However, a bike lane cannot be built until a major corridor
study is conducted to collect data such as those collected in this volunteer count. The
corridor study has been delayed in June 2016 and again in November 2017, when City
Council approved making the pilot Bloor Street bike lanes permanent.

The recent Danforth Planning Study Report shows significant community support: for
fully-protected bike lanes:

"... most participants included on-street bike lanes within their concept designs for
Danforth Avenue … and, in particular, the provision of separated, on-street bike lanes to
provide greater and safer cycling opportunities ...."

That report is coming to Toronto and East York Community Council for approval on July
4, and some Councillors are demanding that the City begin the Corridor Study for a
Danforth bike lane. Since 2016, the city has installed only 6% of the 280 km in its
Ten-Year Cycling Network Plan, a mere 17 km. Toronto continues to lag other cities like
Montreal, Edmonton, and Vancouver in terms of protected bike lanes. And the 93
pedestrian and cyclist deaths since the city launched it's Vision Zero road safety plan
demonstrates how desperately the city needs more protected cycling lanes so that
people can move safely throughout the city.

"We're urging the Mayor and City Councillors to commit to carry out the Danforth
Corridor Study in Q1 2019," said Gerry Brown, Co-Chair of Ward 30 Bikes. "We have
great support from our local Councillors and the community; the time for action to back
the city's commitment to road safety is now."

Gerry Brown, Co-Chair, Ward 30 Bikes: gpbrown257 @, tel. 647-267-5742
Mary-Ann Neary, Chair, Ward 32 Spokes: MaryAnn.Neary @, tel. 647-891-3855
Val Dodge, Co-Chair, Ward 29 Bikes: val @, tel. 647-891-3855
Kevin Rupasinghe, Bells on Bloor: kevin @, tel. 647-504-7797


Monday, May 28, 2018

Ward 30 Bikes Spring 2018 News

Happy Spring everyone! With the weather in full spring mode we hope you're been out enjoying life on 2 (or 3) wheels!

A quick recap...

Back in February Bike Share Toronto announced another major expansion, with Ward30 shaded in their expansion zone map  

In April, a few awesome Ward30Bikes volunteers were out doing free compost delivery at Monarch Park and Jimmy Simpson Park for people in the community (ya, you can carry stuff on bikes!)

In May Cycle Toronto celebrated their 10 year anniversary at a great night at CSI Spadina. And a last week the bollards finally came back to the Viaduct (about 7 weeks later than expected), but finally here, and we're told they are permanent (safety isn't seasonal!).

We've been busy getting ready for upcoming events (ding ding.. Bells on Danforth), here's a run down of the major things happening this spring:

Bike to Work Day - Monday May 28th

It's here! Bike Month starts tomorrow! And the big kick off is Bike to Work Day. We're hosting a Community Start Point together with South Riverdale Community Health Centre's Bicycle Repair Clinic:

7:30am departure: Orchard Park
Dundas Street East at 10 Edgewood Drive Toronto, ON M4L 3G8.
7:40am - We will pause at Dundas & Jones to refresh the flowers and observe a minute of silence in memory of the cyclist killed there on May 16th.
8:00am arrive at City Hall for a pancake breakfast

BikeMonth Calendar Listing:
Facebook event :

You can also register for the Bike to Work Day contest for a chance to win cool prizes if you sign up on the official page:

Bike Month

Ah Bike Month, 30 days when the city goes nuts with Bike Events!

Every Tuesday and Thursday there are Cycle Toronto organized Commuter Stations. Stop by to get a free Bike Month 2018 branded tote bag full of giveaways from Cycle Toronto's partners.

You can check out the official event calendar and join in as many of the amazing events as you can (free popcorn at Hot Docs to people arriving onbikes!)

Withrow Farmers Market - June 2nd

Our local farmers market is back for another year, opening day is June 2nd. You can find us there with our friends from Ward 29 Spokes (ourbike loving neighbours just north of the Danforth).

We'll be doing bike safety checks, and we will have a copy of TCAT's Complete Streets Game to play around with:
Complete Streets Game, as seen at our last social gathering at Left field Brewery

And since this is also one of Ward30's Free Compost Days, we'll also be doing some FREE compost delivery by bike.

Bells on Danforth - June 16th

The annual pedal-powered family friendly bike parade is back! New start location - Withrow Park. End point will be the Oakrdige CRC Fun Fair for a BBQ Bike Rodeo Raffle for a Kids' bike

10:30am Gather
11:00am Depart

Advocacy & Road Safety

It's been a heartbreaking times for our city. Toronto's "Vision Zero" road safety plan has been around for 2 years now, and we're trending with more deaths then before. On May 16th a person riding his bikealong Dundas St East was killed. As at that time, he was the 17th pedestrian or cyclist killed in 2018. Since then, a child riding his bicycle on the sidewalk of Avenue road was struck by a person driving an SUV, and a 20 year old man riding his bike in Stoufville was killed in a hit and run.

Our local councillor has called for improvements to Dundas bike lanes in the wake of the death, including a request to the city for the first 'dutch style intersection" in Toronto. The following week at council, our councillor managed to get a significant vote to simplify the process for installing traffic calming in neighbourhoods.

But the implementation Toronto's version of Vision Zero is incredibly slow. Within our community, we cycling advocates are frustrated, sad, angry and every emotion that goes with the tragedies of road violence. Ghost Rides are far too frequent, and the implementation of the city's road safety plan is poorly funded and infuriatingly slow.

This is an election year. Please make your voice heard. Please, tell your local candidates that road safety matters to you. Ask them what they will do to make our streets safer. Demand it from our mayoral candidates, and demand that our mayor appoint members to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee that actually champion road safety over minutes saved in car commutes.

Candidates are posted on the city's website here: (Keep in mind, we are now becoming Ward 36).

Thanks everyone.
Stay safe and enjoy the ride,

Ward30Bikes (soon to be Ward36!)