Ward30Bikes Meeting Minutes - Tuesday, Oct 14, 2014

Ward30Bikes Meeting
Tuesday, Oct 14 2014–7-9 pm
SRCHC, 955 Queen Street E. (just east of Carlaw)
Facilitator/chair (and timekeeper):
Michael & Brandon
Note taker:
Sylvia (new), Brandon, Mark Romeril, Michael Holloway, Paul (notes)
Please bring:
Minutes from previous meeting
Please read:
Minutes from previous meeting& agenda
W30B Meeting, May 6 2014  - DRAFTMINUTES -uploaded May 6 by Michael
1.       Mark Romeril from Cycle Toronto Community Outreach
City is updating the bike plan It will have 2 time frames based on cost of project.
$6M. a year goes to trails
Nov 8 is a Cycle Toronto skills swap & 9th is a consultation with ward groups hosted by City staff.
Discussed priorities / wish list
·         Broadviewis a key collector – needs facilities
·         Danforth cycling separated facilities
·         Local connections
·         Eastern Ave to Broadview and over DVP to Adelaide/Richmond lanes
·         Carlaw needs cycle facilities (perhaps in combination with Logan)
·         Out of ward – Bayview / Connection to Brickworks
·         Out of Ward – eastern to beaches
·         Ramp to lower don trail
·         Leslie St complete street
·         Intersections at Carlaw and trail and Cherry
·         Speed reduction
·         Need road reconstruction / resurfacing schedule
·         Queen  St / King St. solutions?
Brandon and Michael and Sylvia may be able to go

2.       Ward30Bikes discussed the accomplishments to date.
Michael produced a comprehensive map of Ward 30 cycling priorities identified by the community
3.       Facebook and Twitter accounts are maintained
4.       Mail Chimp – 116 subscribers, 30% opens
5.       Bells on Danforth/Bikestock 2014 (apparently 600+ riders on Danforth)
6.       Study for 2015 Q2 on accessible ramp connection on Lower Don Trail (though I think that after the Art Fence is designed and installed, they’ll come back to say we can’t now put in an accessible ramp)
7.       Toronto Bike to Work Group Commute ride – from community start point Dundas St E and Kingston Rd, joined by students and teachers from Greenwood Secondary School (30+ riders) + a group from Greenwood Highschool
8.       Flagperson at Leslie St and Lake Shore Blvd, during recent construction. And TTC is now instigating a discussion with Toronto Hydro about how lighting could be improved at that intersection. NOTE: At the last Leslie Barns CLG meeting, I asked Paris for plans for Leslie St sidewalks (widths, etc.) – he is supposed to bring them to the next CLG meeting, which I may or may not be able to make, depending on the date it is set for. It would be worth discussing sidewalk widths; possibly raising Leslie Street Complete Streets greenway again . . . !
9.       Table & Techs! (You guys even raised money!)
10.    Stakeholder consultation meeting on South of Eastern Strategic Direction planning study
11.    Ward 30 Bikes banner!
12.    Advising on the Ryerson Planning Study to link Riverdale to the Lake by bike
13.    Ward 30 candidates are talking about Ward30Bikes in their campaign literature
14.    Felsted cut through in the works
15.    Participated in Tommy Thomson park working group and helped to modify the speed bumps.

Was F.B page ever removed?
It’s the only place you can link from twitter without signing in – so let’s keep it.

F.B. is open for others

16.   Banner [Vivien]
 Banner is done – “Thanks” to Vivien’s neighbour
Ben has the banner
17.   Leslie Barns CLG update
Need to connect with parents
Need to connect with BIAs
Ben organized car free event on Coady in the summer

18.   Tommy Thompson Park – Users Group [Michael]

19.   South of Eastern Avenue Strategic Plan [Michael]

20.   Status of ramps to Lower Don Trail

21.   Next meeting
Tues. Nov. 11, 7 - 9


Resource persons:

Special notes:

Below are topics that have been raised and are ongoing or forthcoming:
(The following items are for reference and will not be discussed unless someone proposes that an item be put on the agenda.)

1.       Dundas Street East bike lanes
2.       St. Mathews Street (off Jack Layton Way) – Is there is a bicycle-activated traffic signal sensor?
3.       River Street construction/bike lane needs some vigilance – also needs Ward 28 attention
4.       Felstead Avenue cut-through [Michael, Paul]
5.       TTC’s plans to rebuild a section of Eastern Ave from Woodfield to Minto
6.       Accessible ramp connection(s) to/from LowerDonTrail (vs. only staircases at Gerrard St. East/Dundas St. E.) [Michael, Paul, Vivien]
7.       Leslie Barns CLG [Jo, Michael, Vivien]
8.       Danforth Avenue bike parking follow-up audit – spring 2014 [Vivien]
9.       Ward 30 banner [Jo]
10.   Survey [Paul, Brandon]
11.   Funding
12.   Linking with local BIAs:
·         Riverside http://www.riverside-to.com/ [Vivien]
·         Leslievillehttp://leslievillebia.com/ [Brandon]
·         The Danforth www.thedanforth.ca
·         GreekTown on the Danforth (responsible for Taste of the Danforth) www.greektowntoronto.com
·         Danforth Mosaic www.danforthmosaicbia.com
13.   Cycle Toronto [Michael]
14.   Cycle Toronto’s Bike to School Project [Vivien]
15.   Ontario Bike Summit (April 14 & 15, 2014)
16.   Community planning & consultations
a.       Carlaw/Dundas study [Michael]
b.      StudioCentre application (629, 633 &675 Eastern Avenue)
c.       South of Eastern Avenue Strategic Plan [Michael]
d.      Port Lands Planning Framework & Transportation and Servicing Master Plan
·         Trail on Unwin
·         TommyThompsonPark [Michael]
·         Broadview connector
·         Safer routes to Port Lands/Lake Shore area – still under discussion – still need to talk with Loblaws
e.      Queen Street East/Leslieville Planning Study
f.        Queen St. East Heritage Conservation Study
g.       Harmonization of Boulevard Café and Marketing By-laws [Vivien]
h.      Gardiner East - Gardiner Expressway &Lake Shore Boulevard Reconfiguration Environmental Assessment & Urban Design Study
17.   Outreach events and activities in 2014 – possible and completed
a.       Thursday, April 24 – Earth Day at the South Riverdale Community Health Centre [Paul, Michael] – ATTENDED
b.      Sunday, May 10 – Ward 30 Community Environment Day [Michael, Jo, Ben, Vivien]
c.       Saturday, May 17 – Opening of WithrowPark Farmers’ Market, with Ward 29 Bikes [Michael, Vivien]
d.      Leslieville farmers’ market (in Ward 32)
e.      May 26 to June 26 – Bike month event possibilities, including combined event(s) with other East End wards (e.g., Wards 29, 31, and 32)
i.        Monday, May 26 – Bike to Work Day Group Commute & Pancake Breakfast at Nathan Phillips Square (NPS) [Paul]
ii.      Monday, May 26 – Bike to School Day (TDSB) [Vivien]
·         Check whether GreenwoodSecondary School wants to join Group Commute to NPS [Vivien]
iii.    Saturday, June 7 – TO 35 Cycles’ 2014 Scarborough Southwest Bike Rodeo is scheduled for 10 am–2 pm at Warden Hilltop Community Centre – we could help with this event
iv.    Saturday, June 21 –Leslieville Tree Festival, with outreach table, bike tune-up, and possibly a ride (Note: Ward 29’s Community Environment Day is also on this date.) [Michael]
v.      Date tbd – Multi-ward bike parking audit
f.        July (?) – Walk/ride of Logan Avenue with councillors and Cycling Infrastructure & Programs, Transportation Services (Christina Bouchard) [Vivien]
g.       Sunday, September 14 – BikeStock (aka Bells on Danforth-Bloor-Yonge)
h.      Idaho stops / Provincial policy issues

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