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Cycle Toronto Action Alert: Danforth Ave Planning Study Meeting, Dec 11th

Republished by Ward 30 Bikes from a Cycle Toronto email Action Alert: "Action Alert: Danforth Ave. Planning Study Meeting, Dec 11"




December 6, 2017

Community Meeting on the Danforth Ave. Planning Study: Give your feedback on analyses on built form, public realm, & Complete Streets.

Danforth Avenue
Rendering of Danforth Ave. with built form possibilities. Source: City of Toronto.


Dear [YOU!],
City of Toronto staff will hold their fourth Community Meeting for the Danforth Avenue Planning Study on Monday December 11. This is our opportunity to elevate the conversation about bike lanes on Danforth since the scope of this planning study includes coordinating with the City’s 10-year Cycling Network Plan and developing Complete Streets policies for the study area. Come share your thoughts and visions for the community. 
Date & Time:
Monday, December 11 2017
6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Hope United Church

City staff will be sharing updates from the study thus far on (1) built form (building, height, scale, and massing) and (2) public realm analysis. There will also be a chance to review other work done to date, and learn about key deliverables and study timelines looking into the new year.

Cycle Toronto staff and volunteers have been working hard to demonstrate the broad support that exists for safer streets across the city, and to clearly communicate why bike lanes on Danforth are a critical part of a robust network of cycling facilities across Toronto. Protected bike lanes on Danforth would help to address many road safety concerns and provide opportunities to add vibrancy to the public realm. Danforth is a wide street too. At 16.5m, it’s significantly wider than all of the east-end alternative routes. There is more than enough space on Danforth to add cycling infrastructure and maintain almost all the car parking.

We need your voice at this upcoming Community Meeting to ensure that protected bike lanes on Danforth are a priority. City Staff are now finalizing the Official Plan Amendment and developing Design Guidelines for this corridor, and they will be reporting to Toronto and East York Community Council early in the new year. Let's let them know that Danforth Loves Bikes!

Visit the City's website for more information about the Danforth Avenue Planning Study.

I hope we can count on you.

Kevin Cooper
Campaigns & Engagement Manager

Republished by Ward 30 Bikes from a Cycle Toronto Action Alert: "Action Alert: Danforth Ave. Planning Study Meeting, Dec 11"

Michael Holloway
Ward 30 Bikes


What's Wrong with the Trail Closure at Booth Avenue and Lake Shore Boulevard?

Below is a overview of the completely unacceptable detour protocols for cyclists in this Trail closure.

If automobile driver detours at construction sites were as badly conceived and executed as this detour for cyclists was, it would be lead story at all of Toronto's daily news outlets.

Allie Harris images post at Biking Toronto - Facebook Dec 1, 2017 11:21am.

Gerry Brown image of LSET closure sign
west of Booth looking east
Biking Toronto Facebook Dec 1 2017.
So they closed the trail. OK fine.

In Gerry Brown's photograph, the sign indicating the Trail is closed appears to be located about 50m west of the closure.

At the time in the construction phasing when the photographs by Allie Harris were taken, there appears to be no safe passage through the construction zone that would allow cyclists to 'dismount and walk' their bike's through. The only way through are two scofflaw ones: Carry your bike on your shoulder and dart into westbound curb lane of Lake Shore Boulevard and around; - or - Carry your bike on your shoulder and stride amoungst construction debris, uneven ground, open trenches, construction tape and cones.

If you're pulling a trailer with your kids in - you're going to have to back-track to the first available alternate route.

For westbound cyclists I assume there is a 'cyclists dismount and walk' sign at Logan. If so, this sign is paced at a point where there is a reasonable detour route immediately available (safe route - north on Logan to Dundas; westbound on Dundas to River; south on River to Bayview and take the Corktown Common Trail under the tunnel and then south to Lower Don Trail.

A shorter, quicker (and less-safe) route (for which a detour sign should have been placed at Carlaw) is to back-track to Carlaw (which is 300m east of the closure and 211m east of the assumed detour sign at Logan) and take Carlaw south to Commissioners St; west on Commissioners to Don Roadway and then north to Lake Shore Boulevard East Trail (LSET) at Lake Shore Blvd..

Westbound Detour Choices:
Westbound Trail Closed signs needed at Carlaw/LSET (south route) and at Logan/LSET (safe north route).

Eastbound Detour Choices:
Eastbound Trail Closed signs should have been located at the north reaches of Corktown Common Trail (1); at the tunnel/LDT (2), at the intersection of the north-south LDT and the east-west LDT (3), at Don Roadway and LDT (4), at Villiers (5) and at Commisioners (6) at Don Roadway.

For eastbound cyclists who come upon the Trail Closed sign at near the line of Bouchette St the nearest alternative route is 500m behind - they must turn around and pedal all the way back to Don Roadway and and take one of 3 possible routes: shortest detour, south on Don Roadway Trail to Commissioners St, east to Carlaw Ave and north back to LSET at LSB).

This south option is a dangerous route with sparse lane markings, no sidewalks and very wide, high speed lane configurations. So with kids, your likely going to have to back-track west and then north to a 'fork' in your options (this safe route is a 706m backtrack from the Trail Closed sign).

Safest route: through the tunnel at Corktown Common, then north towards Lower River St, to Dundas, east to Logan, and back down to the LSET

 - Or -

Don't take the tunnel and head north on the Lower Don Trail to the Queen Street bridge stairs (unload your kids out of the trailer and tell them to wait for you - now walk the bike, and then the trailer up the stairs), then travel east on Queen to Logan; and south to Logan on the other side of the closure.

The proper detour configurations for this week long closure should have been signage placed at key intersections which are potential beginning points of reasonable detour routes.

Back-tracking by drivers back on routes they have just traversed that are closed to through-traffic would not be considered acceptable construction detouring - why is it OK for closed cycling routes?

Michael Holloway
December 2, 2017

Text (edited for clarity) via a Dec 2, 2017comment on a December 1, 2017 post at Biking Toronto by Allie Harris (images not attributed were created for this article by the author) |

Michael Holloway
Ward 30 Bikes
December 6, 2017


Monday, November 27, 2017

Cycle Toronto Action Alert: Attend one of three public meetings for the Eglinton East LRT & boost cycling in Scarborough

Via email from Cycle Toronto, November 27, 2017:




November 27, 2017

Action Alert: Attend one of three public meetings for the Eglinton East LRT & boost cycling in Scarborough

Dear Michael,

The Eglinton East LRT, which will go from Kennedy Station to University of Toronto Scarborough via Eglinton Avenue, Kingston Road, and Morningside Avenue, is currently in the planning stages. Not only will it form a key part of Scarborough’s transit network, it can transform the area for people who ride bikes. The project currently includes painted bike lanes on all three streets, connecting people on bikes to the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus and Centennial College, Eglinton and Guildwood GO stations, and priority neighbourhoods like Malvern.
Eglinton East LRT map
The City of Toronto will be hosting public meetings on November 29, November 30, and December 2 to present their latest plans. There are two main areas of concern:

1. the bike lanes currently proposed are only painted lanes, with no protection from high speed traffic; and
2. the complex intersections at Kingston-Eglinton and Lawrence-Kingston-Morningside aren’t properly designed for cyclists.

Questions to ask of staff include: Will Eglinton, Kingston, and Morningside feature properly protected bike lanes to ensure the safety of those riding bikes? Could there be opportunities to put in protected intersections or other intersection improvements?  How will cyclists access the LRT stations?
Action Alert: Attend one of the following meetings to show support for including cycling in the Eglinton East LRT project:
Wednesday, November 29  
(6:30 – 8:30 PM)                   
Malvern Community Centre      (30 Sewells Road)
Thursday, November 30
(6:30 – 8:30 PM)
St. Martin de Porres Catholic School (230 Morningside Avenue)
Saturday, December 2
(10:00 AM – 12:00 PM)

Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School (959 Midland Avenue)
If you live in the area and are interested in being a stakeholder for the project, including attending occasional meetings hosted by the City, please e-mail
I hope we can count on you.
Jared Kolb
Executive Director

Posted at Ward 30 Bikes by Michael Holloway, Ward 30 Bikes' Outreach Coordinator

Friday, June 16, 2017

Cycle Toronto Ring & Post, June Edition

Cycle Toronto Logo   


June 2017
  Bike Valet at AGO. Photo by Danielle Griscti. 
Bike Month Is In Full Swing!
We kicked off Bike Month with a rainy Bike to Work Day on May 29th. Despite the wet weather, we had hundreds of commuters join us in the group ride from different start points all over the city. Thanks to Mayor Tory and all City Councillors that joined us!
There’s lots of Bike Month left. Join us this Saturday for Henderson Brewery & Sweet Pete’s Family Bike Daynext Saturday for Bells on Danforth or at one of our Commuter Stations. For a full list of events click here.
Stay in the loop of everything that is happening during Bike Month by following us on Facebook and Twitter and tag us by using #BikeMonth. 
Bike Month 2017 is presented by MEC. Special thanks to CLIF Bar, our Lead Toronto Partner. Local partners of Bike Month 2017 include Smart Commute, Bike Share Toronto, CP24, St. Lawrence Market, Jet Fuel Coffee and NOW Magazine.

Students from schools along Bloor St. at the Students for Bloor Press Conference. 
Largest Bike To School Week Yet!
The 4th Annual Bike to School Week took place from May 29-June 2 where more than 430 Toronto schools registered to participate! All four districts of Toronto were represented, demonstrating the promise and potential for cycling across the city. 
During the week, students from five schools near Bloor Street hosted a press event calling on Toronto City Hall to make the Bloor Street bike lanes permanent and extend them east and west. Students shared their thoughts on biking to school along the Bloor Street bike lanes and expressed their ride is now safer and more enjoyable due to the protection that keeps motor vehicles at a distance. 

Join or Renew Your Cycle Toronto Membership During Bike Month & You Could Win a $500 MEC Gift Card!

Bike Month is halfway through and there are so many more events left to celebrate riding a bike in Toronto. This is a great time to invest in a better future for cycling in the city. Join or renew your Cycle Toronto membership now, and you’ll be entered to win a draw for a $500 gift card from MEC!
Apart from the great variety of cycling events taking place every day, our advocacy campaigns continue along Bloor, Danforth and Yonge. We’re educating riders at library workshops around the city. Our member services have also expanded to include one free lock cut per year plus our standing flat-fix coverage, free legal advice and member discounts at select retailers across the city. 
With so much cycling greatness, there’s never been a better time to become a Cycle Toronto member. Come celebrate with us this Bike Month and join or renew your membership today.

Photo by The City of Toronto. UPDATE: PWIC on The Lower Yonge Precinct Plan
Last week, the Public Works & Infrastructure Committee (PWIC) considered an update on the Lower Yonge Precinct Plan. The preferred designs recommended by City staff recognize and embrace how local residents are moving in the 21st century and include recommendations for cycle tracks on Lower Yonge, Church & Jarvis and a multi-use path on Harbour. Read our full submission hereThe report was unanimously approved by PWIC. We’ll keep following the issue and provide updates as they happen.
Photo by The City of Toronto. 

Campaigns Update: Danforth, Bloor & Yonge - Loves Bikes!
Join us for Bells on Danforth!
Bells on Danforth returns for the 6th annual family-friendly bicycle ride across the Danforth on Saturday June 24th at 10:30am. Again this year, the parade starts with a rally at Prince Edward Viaduct Parkette and wheels east to Danforth and Danforth Road, the Crossroads of the Danforth.
With a study for protected bike lanes on Danforth coming forward to City Council this Fall, we’re working hard to build local community support. Do you want to help with canvassing? Email us at
New numbers on Bloor Street 
The number of people riding in the Bloor Street bike lanes is as many as it has ever been, and the Bloor Loves Bikes team has been working in step with the business community to make the most of that. In the meantime, the City held another packed open house last week where they released fresh statistics showing that a large majority of people who live in the area want to keep the bike lanes. If you haven’t already, sign our Bloor Loves Bikes pledge, and stay tuned for an exciting update from our campaign team very soon.
Yonge Street Survey
The City of Toronto is looking for input on transportation plans in the Yonge-Eglinton Area. Fill out their Midtown In Focus Travel Survey now. Midtown in Focus is a design study that will help guide public realm improvements in the middle of our city, including the possibility of bike lanes on Yonge Street. Last Saturday, Yonge Loves Bikes hosted a group ride down Yonge Street to draw attention to the need for protected infrastructure on this busy corridor. Riders joined in for an escorted, family-friendly ride from St Clair down to Lake Ontario for a picnic in the park. Let's make bike lanes on Yonge a reality.Sign the pledge now!

Cycling Education: What to Do in Case of a Collision?
If involved in a collision with a motor vehicle while riding your bicycle, remember these 4 things:
1) Stay calm, 2) call out for witnesses, 3) record the licence plate number and 4) call the police.
You can find these steps on the back of your member card. Contact us if you require legal advice.
Looking for more tips?  Review Pat Brown of McLeish Orlando's advice on our Legal Spin page.

Infrastructure Ride on May 17, 2017. Photo by Danielle Griscti. 
Cycle Toronto Rides: 101 Bike Tours & Bicycle Music Fest Sunset Series
Last night, we had the first of four Cycle Toronto Rides the City 101 Bike Tour.  We will be offering these guided group tours on a monthly basis from June to September. These rides are geared toward newer riders who want to build confidence on the road &  learn about Cycle Toronto while we navigate Toronto streets. Learn more about these upcoming rides here.

We’re also pleased to announce the Toronto Bicycle Music Festival Sunset Series, which brings you free concerts in parks across the city! Cycle Toronto will be leading group rides along the Pan Am Path to each of these events 45 minutes before showtime, so make sure to save the dates in your calendar. The first event will be on July 18 where we’ll ride from Riverdale Park East to Flemingdon Park. You can find information about all of our events here
These rides are supported by which has been made possible by the Toronto Foundation, Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Government of Ontario, Toronto Arts Council, Community Foundations of Canada and the Government of Canada, the Toronto Star, and the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund. Special thanks to the Friends of the Pan Am Path.

Cycle Toronto Bike Valet at Fort York GarrisonPhoto by Danielle Griscti. 
Bring Bike Valet to Your Community Festival: Apply to the Bike Valet Community Fund!
Thanks to a successful grant from MTO and a partnership with our Gold Business Member Toronto Hydro, we are pleased to announce our Bike Valet Community Fund for 2017! We have the opportunity to provide Bike Valet in 2017 at a select number of events across the city at no cost to event holders. Priority will be given to 1-2 day events from July to September that are free and open to the public and hosted by a non-profit, charity, community organization, or Business Improvement Area (BIA). Learn more on our Bike Valet page. Don’t qualify but still want Bike Valet at your event? For more information, visit here.

Jack Johnson Partners with Cycle Toronto
On Sunday June 4, Cycle Toronto teamed up with Jack Johnson to host Bike Valet at his 2017 Summer Tour Concert. Our partnership with All At Once, Jack Johnson’s social action network connecting nonprofits with people who want to become active in their local and world community, didn’t stop there. They will be matching every dollar we raise through donations at events and online from June 1- September 1, 2017 up to $2,500 USD. To have a double impact on making Toronto a healthy, safe, cycling-friendly city for all, donate now. All At Once comes to life online at 

Platinum Business Member & Bike Month Presenting Partner: MEC
MEC is a retail co-op that sells exclusively to members. A lifetime membership is $5, the same since 1971. Members get the best products at fair prices, access to rental gear, one of the best guarantees around, and 1% of every sale goes to support the outdoor community. As cycling is an activity many MEC members do, we expanded our product offering in 2010 to include MEC-brand bikes. Since then, MEC's cycling line-up has evolved to include bikes from GHOST, Ridley, Cinelli and Intense. Visit their stores or for all your cycling gear.

NEWSFLASH: Cycling In The News

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Commuter Stations
Locations from June 15 to June 30
  • Thursday, June 15: Bike Month Commuter Station powered by MEC at Mel Lastman Square
  • Tuesday, June 20: Bike Month Commuter Station powered by CLIF Bar
  • Wednesday, June 21: Bike Month Commuter Station powered by Bloor Loves Bikes at Christie Pits
  • Thursday, June 22: Bike Month Commuter Station at Kew Gardens powered by MEC
  • Tuesday, June 27: Bike Month Commuter Station powered by Bike Share at Madison and Bloor
  • Wednesday, June 28: Bike Month Commuter Station powered by Steam Whistle at Lower Simcoe and Lakeshore Rd
  • Thursday, June 29: Bike Month Commuter Station powered by Foodora at Coronation Park

Platinum Business Members
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