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Carlaw - Dundas is a former industrial area in the City's East End that has been undergoing a transformation, emerging as a mixed-use creative and cultural hub of workers and residents. Transformation began in the late 1990's.

The original Carlaw / Dundas Neighbourhood Improvement Plan was completed in 2000 by Paul Young and Lewis Poplak. This study contemplated the redevelopment of this corridor from closed factory spaces to live/ work buildings with new zoning to match.  The Plan was not formally adopted by City Council, but has been serving as a guide for the area's growth and desired improvements.

In 2012 an update to the study was requested specific parameters be included in the sutdy:

On October 24 2013, approximately 80 people participated in the Carlaw - Dundas Community Workshop, which included a presentation about the study, Q&A and public feedback.  Ward30bikes was there: http://ward30bikes.blogspot.ca/2013/10/bike-infrastructure-big-talking-point.html

On May 12 2014 the City staff team met with the community to present their analysis and recommended directions.

The plan was finalised.  Carlaw + Dundas Study 2014:

In July 2014 it was tabled to the City for formal approval.

In August 2014, City Council adopted the following:

1.         City Council adopt the Carlaw + Dundas Community Initiative and support its implementation based on the principles, strategies and initiatives identified in this plan.

2.         City Council require that future development applications within the Carlaw-Dundasarea contribute towards public space improvements outlined in the Carlaw + DundasCommunity Initiative.

3.         City Council request the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning Division, to co-ordinate the implementation of the plan through an interdivisional team including City Planning, Economic Development, Parks, Forestry and Recreation, and Transportation Services.

4.         City Council endorse the establishment of a Stakeholder Advisory Committee consisting of members from the community to provide input as implementation of the plan proceeds.

5.         City Council direct that the City of Toronto enter into a cost-sharing agreement with Toronto Hydro to update Badgerow Parkette as part of the Public Space Plan for theCarlaw Dundas Area.

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