New Ward Boundary, "Ward Cycling Maps"

Ever wonder where exactly Ward 30 is?  If you don't know you're not alone, most people we talk to at outreach events don't know what ward they live in.

Well, if you're one of those kind of people you're in luck - because the City of Toronto just changed them! :)

Here's a map showing the new Ward 30 boundary for which candidates will be running to fill in the next municipal election on October 22, 2018:

This map is a mashup of Sean Marshall's "Toronto Ward Boundaries 2018", and the City's "Toronto Cycling Map ". To make this map I removed all the wards except Ward 30 (new Ward 36: Toronto-Danforth) and then added a second layer - the City of Toronto city-wide cycling infrastructure map. Then I zoomed the map in to show the ward in it's immediate context, and set that as the default zoom.

I'm offering to make maps like this for any Cycle Toronto ward group who wants one. So far I've gotten requests for the following Wards:

2018 Ward 16 Cycling Map
2018 Ward 17 Cycling Map
2018 Ward 18 Cycling Map
2018 Ward 19 Cycling Map
2018 Ward 20 Cycling Map
2018 Ward 21 Cycling Map
2018 Ward 22 Cycling Map
2018 Ward 23 Cycling Map
2018 Ward 24 Cycling Map
2018 Ward 25 Cycling Map
2018 Ward 30 Cycling Map
2018 Ward 36 Cycling Map

If you have a mapper in your ward group, take ownership of the map by sending me a note with that persons' email, and I'll add them as an editor.

Also - I suggest ward groups ask Cycle Toronto to embed these maps on their ward group page at

City of Toronto Cycle Map page:

Michael Holloway
Ward 30 Bikes


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