Wednesday, November 27, 2013

C.I.P. wants to know YOUR Suggested On-street Routes and Informal Connections!

The City of Toronto Transportation "Cycling Infrastructure & Programs Unit" (C.I.P.) wants to map cycling routes that you use to avoid dangerous, grid-locked arterial roadways - or just any route that you use to move around the city.

The route you submit might be included on the 2014 City of Toronto Cycling Map!

As far as I understand it, the City wants to find out where we're riding now, so they can plan cycling routes in the future. And by including a number of informal routes on the 2014 map, they hope to see which of the routes become popular. The process will begin to make appear a crowd sourced cycling route network.

Basically, they're throwing a little catalyst into the mix to see which routes begin to become culturally significant - based on OUR route choices! (my interpolation)
[EDIT 2013-11-30 not so sure about that now - stay tuned]

Ward 30 Bikes has just recently posted a text-list of suggestions from "Problems/Opportunities Map" - the cycling routes map we've been working on over the summer.

- Can you think of any street cycling routes you'd like City Planners to know about? -

Add your route to the Map:

- OR -

Comment about your route under the post (or here):
"CycleTO Ward 30 Bikes: Problems/Opportunities Map - a text-list of the entries" -

We'll take the results with us to a December 10th Cycle Toronto meeting with City Staff.

Here's an embed of the map so you can have a look and see what we have already - decide if you want to add anything. Add a comment below desribing your route if you like - or - If you want to add your own place-mark or line, or shape - you must have a Google Account; and go to the map in Google (link above, or under the map).

View CycleTO Ward 30 Bikes: Problems/Opportunities in a larger map


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