Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TTC Leslie Barns Leslie Street Reconstruction - Cyclist & Pedestrian Detour Issues: April 22, 2014 Walk-about

Earlier this week Councillor Paula Fletcher made a request to the community to send it their issues and concerns about the Leslie Street reconstruction.

I sent Councillor Fletcher a synopsis of one of Ward 30 Bikes' outstanding issues: incomplete pedestrian detours through the site - noteably on the East side of Leslie South of Eastern.

Here's a quick map I sent to Councillor Fletcher which notes all the issues (made from the LelsieBarns April Detours Map:

W30B - Pedestrian Deficiencies on the East side of the Leslie Street Reconstruction site --- April 2014 Map I

Here's an UPDATED Ward 30 Bikes Map showing the new configuration - to my knowledge - as of my walk yesterday.

W30B - Pedestrian Deficiencies on the East side of the Leslie Street Reconstruction site --- April 22, 2014 Map II

For the original TTC Leslie Barns map image at the original post, see their blog "April 9, 2014 – Construction Update" at: (scroll down until you find the entry).

Sidewalk is now Closed

The Sidewalk on the east side of Leslie South of Eastern Avenue is now closed.

Pedestrians are using the Loblaws driveway right from Eastern all the way down to the Plaza Intersection - and through the parking lot and the Burger King Drive-Thu lanes down to the Multi-use Trail on the North side of Lake Shore Boulevard (Lower Don Recreation Trail - LDRT).

Sidewalk closed on the east side of Leslie South of Eastern Avenue Pedestrians using the Loblaws driveway April 22 2014 4-30pm

At the Traffic Island jut to the South of the Plaza Intersection I watched and snapp pics for about 10 minutes. Here are Images taken from about 4:35pm to 4:45pm - in order; none edited out:

         Image 1                  Image 2                  Image 3

         Image 4                  Image 5                  Image 6

         Image 7                  Image 8                  Image 9

        Image 10                 Image 11                 Image 12

        Image 13                 Image 14                 Image 15

        Image 16                 Image 17                 Image 18

(Are those guys speaking French there in the last two photographs - walking through the middle of the Plaza Intersection dressed in executive suits - from Pomerleau?! :)

There must be a way to create a sidewalk here somewhere. Some paint on the parking lot - something.

The same holds true for the parking lot and Burger King Drive-Tru driveway to the south of here; from the Plaza Intersection south to the Multi-use Trail.

Kudos - The Process Works!

Some Kudos for the process are in order:

Wide detour for the Multi-use Trail north side of the intersection, Lake Shore Blvd and Leslie St

Pedestrian Crosswalk East side Leslie at Lake Shore Boulevard

Still looking at the pedestrian crossing - East side of Leslie north-south across Lake Shore Boulevard. The crosswalk lines have just been painted. Makes the crosswalk more visible for turning eastbound traffic coming northbound on Leslie. Hoping for a big yellow crosswalk sign for the summer.

Measured the Stop Line northbound Leslie the construction configuration Stop Line is 13 metres north of the usual non-construction configuration Stop Line. Moving it back gives the crosswalk pedestrians and cyclists more time to get out in the intersection before eastbound turning car traffic starts to turn the corner. Worth a look by Transportation I think.

I made a map image of that idea (sent into Leslie Barns Community Office last week).

TTC_Leslie-Barns Ward-30-Bikes suggestion 2014-04-14 - move northbound Leslie right turn stop-line back to preconstruction position

That's all for this week.


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