Sunday, June 29, 2014

@CycleToronto @Ward30Bikes Advocacy works - Flagperson on East side Crossing, Leslie/LSB to end of the Leslie reconstruction

Thanks @PaulaFletcher30 - Thanks @TTCLeslieBarns - Thanks Pomerleau construction.

7am to 7pm Monday to Friday until December (living wage and time and-a-half on holidays - and he lives in this neighbourhood).

A hellish job - buy this person a coffee and donuts every morning you commute to work safely with this person's assistance!

I've noticed an incredible increase in cycling on Queen Street this weekend. Just after the closure of Queen at Leslie; and now with World Pride (@WP14TO); and the coming exodus to the northern lakes.

Bike your hood!

We are - by Jennifer Keesmaat's account at Congress4NewUrbanism - Buffalo 2014 (CNU22) - 30,000 daily commuters!

We are a new demographic. We Ride!

Please engage in this.

We are in the midst of a complex, multidimensional cultural revolution in transportation and city building.

Your participation right now will speed the evolution towards good neighbourhoods, sustainable economies, sustainable lifestyles and sustainable identities.

How to make the intersection of Leslie Street and Lake Shore Boulevard a Complete Street - after the Leslie Street reconstruction is finished - remains @Ward30Bikes penultimate concern.

Not just about this Grand Boulevard / Neighborhood intersection - but about these motorways that divide all the neighbourhoods of the The Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) that circle the Great Lakes.

Michael Holloway
Captain, Ward 30 Bikes


Congress4NewUrbanism Keynote - Buffalo 2014 (CNU22)

Note how Tregoning accents statistics; and Keesmaat accents buy-in. They compliment each-other.

Listen carefully.


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