Thursday, February 26, 2015

Riverdale Park East Revitalization - Ward30bikes was there

Last week a second community meeting was held wiht regarsd to improvements oplanned for the north east quadrant of Riverdale Park East (north east end of Ward 30).  On the list is a new hockey rink, pleasure skating pad, playground, zamboni storage and much needed improved access to the park.
The first community meeting was last summer in August 2014.  The second meeting was last week on February 17th.  A copy of the presentation from last week’s meeting has been posted here on Paula Fletcher's website.
And Ward30bikes was there! 
Ramp access!First excited thing to report, is that with regards to improved access the plan includes a new fully accessible switchback ramp access at Millbrook end of the park.  Anyone who has biked over for a tennis match or a swim in the pool should be happy to hear this news.  And I speak on behalf of families with strollers - it's about time!  I know plenty of parents who chose not to use the playground here because stroller access is extremely difficult.  So, if the plans get built, by 2016/2017 the switchback ramp will be in!
Covered hockey rink?
I think I raised this issue enough times at the meeting that the design team knows my sadness.  Unfortunately with budget (although they were cagey about how much is actually approved) there will be no covered ice hockey rink like Greenwood.  We were assured however that the design has been incorporated to allow a roof to be added in the future (should we hold our breath?)  Visions of CanBike lessons in the spring at this rink took a different shape in my head.  Sure there are lessons on uncovered rinks throughout the city, but having done a session at Greenwood last spring every time it rained (which was like almost every week), that covered rink was awesome!
Broadview cyclepath dreamsSecond, for better or worse the scope of this redevelopment has been tightly contained to the NE quadrant of the park and really only to the facilities mentioned above.  Desires for a multi-use bicycle path running along the top end of the park from Moncrest Ave to Jack Layton Way cannot be put into this plan.  But our dreams don't end here.  We'll keep pushing for future inclusion.  
Call to action
The time has come to have your say!  The design team has 2 options proposed and is asking for community feedback. Your feedback matters! Have a read of the presentation, and please complete their survey.
Survey closes March 3rd, 2015. Click here to fill in the online survey. (although it helps to read the presentation first)

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