Monday, May 4, 2015

Jane's Walk about Complete Streets Brings Lots of Community Interest

Did you make it out to a Jane's Walk this past weekend?  Several Ward30bikes members were out at the Complete Streets Jane's Walk on Saturday:

Pape Station, start of walk
I think the topic of complete streets really resonates with the community as the turnout was great.  The walk included many stops as we went from Pape Station down to Logan and Queen.  At each stop the leader asked several participants read out prepared notecards detailing the desires of various users of streets (BIAs, cyclists, pedestrians, cafe owners, EMS workers etc,) so as a group we could reflect on all the competing desires of users.

What was lovely to see was the amount of cyclists out, and the amount of cycling related questions posed to the walk leader.

3rd stop: Withrow Park Strathcona Contraflow bike lane / bike trail through the park.

A question was even raised about how to get better coordination amongst the city departments so  bike lanes don't get closed down to be used as temporary parking, under a film permit.     There were a few shout outs to the City of Toronto's latest bike survey (do it!), and encouraging people to join Cycle Toronto. Although I think if this gets offered next year, we as Ward30bikes should ask the leader to mention our local group.  Joining the city wide cycle advocacy is step 1, finding your local advocacy group that's working locally is step 2 (that, and we're a pretty fun bunch of people!)

Cyclists out for the Jane's Walk

Logan is an interesting street.  The leader talked about how it's an unofficial slow street.  We've got our ideas too that we are advocating to be put into the new City of Toronto Bike Plan.  I live in this neighbourhood, I would say Logan is also an unofficial cycling contraflow street based on the amount of cyclists you see going the wrong way down the street.  That's just how unappealing cycling down Carlaw can be.  

Also, the Riverdale Traffic Calming initiative got some air time on the walk.  Stay tuned for our proposals to make it even better.

So I'd say this was an excellent Jane's Walk for the community, one that I really hope gets run next year too.

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