Thursday, June 18, 2015

Richmond Adelaide pilot expansion moves one step closure to reality

PWIC (Public Works Infrastructure Committee) unanimously approved the extension of the Richmond Adelaide cycle track pilot project to Parliament.  Here's what was approved:

1. Implementation of Richmond Adelaide pilot project extension to Parliament
2. Investigation of upgrading Simcoe between Front and Queens Quay to protected bike lanes
3. Investigation of upgrading Shutter Street and River Street bike lanes to protected bike lanes

Item 1 goes off to city council for approval in July.  Items 2 and 3 will be reported back to PWIC in September.  All great news!  Items 2 and 3 are of course very near and dear to our hearts in Ward 30. Protected bike lanes come all the way to the Dundas DVP bridge?  woah! 

Thanks to everyone who responded to Cycle Toronto's action alert and took the time to write into PWIC with their support of the pilot project extension, the sheer amount of letters recieved was noted by councilors.  The support did not go unnoticed: 

Letters of support for pilot project expansion.  Image taken by Jared from Cycle Toronto

Also of happy note, the Toronto Financial District BIA gave their support for the pilot project expansion in letter format and in person deputation.  Amazing! The city, cycling advocates and BIA's all working together?  Collaboration is a beautiful thing.


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