Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cyclist / Pedestrian Turning Count at Rushbrooke & Eastern

By Michael Holloway
Ward 30 Bikes member

The Image below is the results of a Turning Count I did on Tuesday, June 30 at the corner of Rushbrooke and Eastern between 6pm and 7pm (light spitting rain).

The count demonstrates what can be seen by standing and watching the intersection for 5 minutes: in one hour about 50 pedestrians came out of the neighbourhood (mostly via Rushbrooke) in order to cross into FreshCo Parking Lot.

Also of note is the improvised pedestrian crossing just east of the Garage (this is where a pedestrian was killed in 2010).

While I was there two people (separately) stopped to vocalize their support for a Crosswalk with signals. They were both so passionate about it they gave me their names, addresses and phone numbers! (both live at Jones/Queen).

It's a complex intersection - any questions about how to read the count, please ask.


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