Monday, February 22, 2016

Draft 10 year Bike Plan: Another Round of Feedback for City Staff

Over the weekend City Staff from the Cycling Unit gave up a solid block of hours to meet with representatives from Cycle Toronto Ward Groups to talk about their latest draft map for the city.  Thanks to those who joined us on Friday night to brainstorm ideas

There we are at a table covered in maps. pic: CycleToronto

Are we still talking about a DRAFT map?  ya, we are.  Its a long process, but we can report back that it is careful and with thoughtful planning.  With a limited budget to spend each year, city wide projects need to be ranked to decide what happens when.  So we don't always get what we want when we want it, but know that other parts of the city are being worked on.  

Want more sooner?  Demand a bigger budget! Submit your comments to Public Works Infrastructure Committee - NOW.  The cycling budget will be discussed at the next meeting February 29th. Do it!

Back to the map, some interesting things:

- Eastern Ave over the DVP has something planned.  Sorry to say we didn't get many details about what they want to do there, but there was a spark of excitement in their eyes.  However, this one is a 'few years' away.

- Danforth, Danforth, Danforth! (sign the pledge if you haven't yet!). It's in the draft, it's been in every draft.  And for our Ward, I'd say this is *the* project they want to focus on. ya!

Want to hear more?  come to our next meeting to find out:

Tuesday March 1st 7pm
Ralph Thorton Centre
765 Queen St. East

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