Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bike parking on the Danforth

You may have noticed that we've been looking at parking in our ward.  Major infrastructure projects like bike lanes on Danforth aren't slated in the city plans for at least another year, so it's something we're working to improve in the interim.  Previously we did some work on auditing bike parking in local parks. 

Last week we started a more comprehensive audit of bike parking along the Danforth.  First up, the Danforth BIA the stretch between Broadview and the Carrot Common:

Zoom in, have a look.  In this BIA, 119 ring & posts. = 238 spots. Of which 6 (5%) are fully broken and unusable, and 8 (6.7%) are partially blocked with street furniture making them very difficult to use. Thus, total = 11.7% need 311's attention (broken or not accessible).  Look at some of the shameful ones!

Try fitting a bike between the ring and post and the garbage bin
Great place to store construction equipment, outside of Broadview Station

Winner.  Post butted up against planner bed, newspaper box placed in front .  

Orange spots are areas we thought could accommodate more parking, either racks or ring&posts.  Have some more ideas? please share in the comments.

We'll be working with the Councillor to figure out a plan to improve parking along the Danforth.  Stay tuned. Also, we'll be moving further east, Greektown is up next.

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