Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Cycle Toronto Action Alert: Danforth Ave Planning Study Meeting, Dec 11th

Republished by Ward 30 Bikes from a Cycle Toronto email Action Alert: "Action Alert: Danforth Ave. Planning Study Meeting, Dec 11"




December 6, 2017

Community Meeting on the Danforth Ave. Planning Study: Give your feedback on analyses on built form, public realm, & Complete Streets.

Danforth Avenue
Rendering of Danforth Ave. with built form possibilities. Source: City of Toronto.


Dear [YOU!],
City of Toronto staff will hold their fourth Community Meeting for the Danforth Avenue Planning Study on Monday December 11. This is our opportunity to elevate the conversation about bike lanes on Danforth since the scope of this planning study includes coordinating with the City’s 10-year Cycling Network Plan and developing Complete Streets policies for the study area. Come share your thoughts and visions for the community. 
Date & Time:
Monday, December 11 2017
6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Hope United Church

City staff will be sharing updates from the study thus far on (1) built form (building, height, scale, and massing) and (2) public realm analysis. There will also be a chance to review other work done to date, and learn about key deliverables and study timelines looking into the new year.

Cycle Toronto staff and volunteers have been working hard to demonstrate the broad support that exists for safer streets across the city, and to clearly communicate why bike lanes on Danforth are a critical part of a robust network of cycling facilities across Toronto. Protected bike lanes on Danforth would help to address many road safety concerns and provide opportunities to add vibrancy to the public realm. Danforth is a wide street too. At 16.5m, it’s significantly wider than all of the east-end alternative routes. There is more than enough space on Danforth to add cycling infrastructure and maintain almost all the car parking.

We need your voice at this upcoming Community Meeting to ensure that protected bike lanes on Danforth are a priority. City Staff are now finalizing the Official Plan Amendment and developing Design Guidelines for this corridor, and they will be reporting to Toronto and East York Community Council early in the new year. Let's let them know that Danforth Loves Bikes!

Visit the City's website for more information about the Danforth Avenue Planning Study.

I hope we can count on you.

Kevin Cooper
Campaigns & Engagement Manager

Republished by Ward 30 Bikes from a Cycle Toronto Action Alert: "Action Alert: Danforth Ave. Planning Study Meeting, Dec 11"

Michael Holloway
Ward 30 Bikes


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