Logan bike lanes

Logan Ave - Connecting the patchwork of bike lanes

Logan Ave is a key artery in Ward 30.  Running north south past Frankland Community Centre and junior public school, through residential neighbourhoods, alongside Withrow Park (a hub of community activity!), down through Leslieville and finally to Lakeshore, connecting us to the Lower Don Recreational trail.

Logan has been blessed with some bike lanes, but unfortunately it's a bit of a patchwork.
There are bike lanes are on the stretch between Dundas and Gerrard (which links up nicely to the Dundas bike lanes).

Along Withrow Park a one way bike lane has been added.

And in a small section south of Eastern ave there is a contraflow lane.

Red = bike lanes
Yellow = Contraflow bike lane
Purple = legally allowed traffic flow for cyclist (car access is different in some areas)

The problem
1. No dual-direction access 
Cyclists can legally travel north from Lakeshore Ave all the way up to the Danforth.   Travelling the other direction however, a cyclist starting at the Danforth going south, cannot use Logan until Gerrard forcing cyclst traffic over to alternative southern routes along Broadview or Carlaw.

We've heard feedback from the community that even though Logan is legally a one-way street, cyclists frequently travel the wrong way down Logan, or on the sidewalk, along Withrow Park. Local parents from Withrow Public School have expressed concerns to Ward30bikes for safety of their children as cyclists speed downhill along this illegal route.

2.  Cyclist safety between Dundas and Eastern Ave
After enjoying the safety of bike lanes between Gerrard and Dundas, cyclists are lead down to a section of Logan that is no longer protected.

1. Contraflow bike lanes should be installed from the Danforth down to Gerrard.
This would filter cyclists down a safe contraflow lane, and away from children playing in Withrow Park.  As well, contraflow lanes have the added and proven benefit, of decreasing car traffic speeds and increasing neighbourhood safety.

2. multi-directional bike lanes between Dundas and Eastern Ave
Ward30bikes is assessing if the width of the street can accomodate bike lanes.

However, connecting the patchwork with a continuous bike lanes and implementing dual-direction cycling, would be a tremendous improvement for cycling infrastructure allowing safer access to the Frankland Community Centre, Withrow Park and Lower Don Recreational Trail.

What has Ward30bikes done so far?
During the South of Eastern Strategic Direction planning study, our feedback was given on Logan bike lanes.

During the Carlaw/Dundas corridor study Ward30bikes provided their feedback there as well.

Next steps [update in process]

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