Saturday, December 7, 2013

I invented hashtag #BTRto - Bicycle Traffic Reports(Toronto)

UPDATED 2 13/12/08 11:50pm edt Toronto Wiki adds an entry for Metro Morning's #mmbike Traffic Report tag in Twitter (see below)
UPDATED: 2013-12-07 11:17 am edt apparently @metromorning 's "#mmbike" is already accomplishing this (see below)

I had to go across Toronto; at night; to a bar; in the "Entertainment" District.  :\

I rarely leave my East End Leslieville. I rarely drink. I find the idea of cycling into the core of  Toronto on Thursday night absolutely insane! But the CycleTorontoVolunteers Appreciation Night was at King and Spadina, so OK. What the hell - you only live once!

I asked in Facebook if anyone thought my proposed route along the Waterfront was particularly insane. Someone told me Queen's Quay was a mess. So I just winged it. I ended up taking Queen Street all the way to Spadina and then alleyways down to King.

The next day I was adding Follows to @Ward30Bikes, and I came across David P Leonard's #DLWS (David Leonard Weather Service).

See: Toronto Wiki / #DLWS |

I already had a Bicycle Traffic Route Reporting Service on my mind; and all the construction detours in town that don't serve cyclists well; and I was thinking about News Talk Radio's car-centric Traffic Reporting ... and David P Leonard's #DLWS hashtag crystallized it!

A Crowd Sourced Cyclist Route Traffic Reporting Hashtag!!!

Here's what I'm about to Tweet in my @m_holloway Twitter account:

Toronto needs crowd-sourced Bicycle Traffic Reports: #BTRto
Tweet your route - help others commute. #biketo (Props: @davidpleonard #DLWS)

That's the idea - might need some tweaking - we'll see if it resonates. Tweeting it now, and then I'll embed the Tweet below...

UPDATED: 2013-12-07 11:17 am edt

Well the feedback is in. Apparently a local Talk Radio show CBCToroto's "Metro Morning" has already accomplished my objective with their #mmbike hashtag. Wondering how popular that can get amoungst people who don't listen to CBC Radio? Anyways, here's an embed of the feedback I got from my Facebook Friend and Twitter Cycling expert, Kevin Montgomery @kemosite

Thanks Kevin!

UPDATED 2 2013/12/08: 

Here's the genesis of the #mmbike tag in the Metro Morning Twitter stream September 24 6:37am et:

And even more cool - our new Chief Planner of the City of Toronto, Jennifer Keesmaat was watching or listening - and gave it the official *bump* that didn't hurt...

And so the great event, another golden brick in the road to Liveable Cities was laid! And so into "Toronto Wiki" it goes: - due to the leaver pulling of Toronto Wiki user (and founder I believe) @HiMYSYeD


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