Friday, December 13, 2013

@Ward30Bikes attending @TTCLeslieBarns Community Liaison meetings - Monitoring Cyclist & Pedestrian Construction Detours

By Jo Oppenheimer.

The TTC Community Liaison Group (CLG) met the evening of 10 December. These meetings are used to report actions taken on items noted at the previous month’s meeting, report construction updates, and to identify problems/issues since the last meeting. Community delegates, Community Liaison employees, City of Toronto staff, Chief Project and site engineers, and [General contractor] Pomerleau staff were present.

Cyclist Safety Signs and Enforcement at Temporary Entrances and Detour points, due in part to Ward 30 Bikes feedback - LESLIE BARNS & CONNECTION TRACK Construction Liaison Group Meeting #5 Presentation - December 10th, 2013 (page 13 of 30) -

Twelve action items from the past meeting were addressed or partly addressed and carried forward for further action. Of significance to cyclists: Response to Action Item #9: The new timeline for the Phase A full closure (north side Lake Shore to plaza driveways) has been revised to be in effect from January 6 to end of February 2014 – weather permitting.

Construction updates, which affect cyclists, included: 

1) The opening of one northbound lane on Leslie at Lake Shore (until 6 Jan, closed again Jan 6 to Feb 28, 2014);

2) Opening the east-west crossing on the north side of the Leslie/Lake Shore intersection;

3) Changing the water main on the west side of Leslie north of the plaza entrances (requiring narrowing of the southbound lane – Dec 5-Dec 20);

4) Christmas construction break until 6 January;

5) Leslie Street north of the plazas to Eastern will be closed from March to May 2014.

New action items, affecting cyclists: 

1) **A site safety walk will be held on Wednesday, 18 December, 6-7pm. We will meet at the Community Office (1258 Queen St E). Ward30Bikes members are welcome to join the group;

2) A safety related ticketing “blitz” at the temporary plaza entrances off Lake Shore will take place from Monday, 16 Dec to Wednesday, 18 Dec, and a request will made from TTC to Police to assign an officer to monitor on Saturday as well to address the problem of cars not stopping at the entrance stop signs, adjacent to the trail,

3) The signage requested at CLG Meeting #4 that is not required in the present north side ped/cyclists crossing - but will be required in the next Lake Shore traffic shift in 2014, will be printed now and stored for future use;

4) Some signage indicating access to the Martin-Goodman Trail is now blocked by hoarding. All new sign locations are to be confirmed on site walk, Dec 18.

In addition, several cycling-related issues were identified during the month. Telephone calls and emails were sent to the Community Office. If anyone sees a safety problem when you are in the construction zone, you can report it to Liz or Niki at 416-981-7362 or email



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