Friday, February 14, 2014

TTC Leslie Barns Street Reconstruction - Cyclist & Pedestrian Detour Issues: A Dangerous Configuration at Lake Shore Blvd. Crosswalk

A Dangerous Configuration - Lake Shore Boulevard at Leslie St. - East-side Crosswalk

The @TTCLeslieBarns related Leslie Street reconstruction detour configuration has moved the right turn lane on northbound Leslie Street 26m to the West of the crosswalk. As drivers make their eastbound turn and approach the crosswalk there are no signs or pavement markings indicating they are approaching a crosswalk.

For Cyclists and Pedestrians proceeding South if feels like you're in no-man's land.

For crosswalk users Northbound, the crosswalk begins in a 'doorway' in the construction fencing - no sight-lines to the West - so all they see is the blinking Walk sgnal beckoning them out into the East bound lanes. Drivers accelerating on the boulevard over the 26m from the corner often reach speeds of 25km/h by the time they reach the unmarked crossing. These are deadly collision speeds.

I shot videos of it that show fairly well what the problem is. I do a running commentary on Parts 2 and 3 - both of which were shot one day after Part 1.

@Ward30Bikes - Pt. 1 Hazardous Pedestrian/Cyclist Crossing, Lake Shore & Leslie - N/E Corner POV 2014-02-12 5:30pm

@Ward30Bikes - Pt. 2 Hazardous Pedestrian/Cyclist Crossing, Lake Shore & Leslie - N/E Corner POV 2014-02-13 12:30pm

@Ward30Bikes - Pt. 3 Hazardous Pedestrian/Cyclist Crossing, Lake Shore & Leslie - N/W Corner POV 2014-02-13 12:40 pm

(Tweeted the sidewalk issue to @311Toronto on 2014-02-14)

Coming soon - more on Walking and Cycling detour conditions around this major reconstruction. The FreshCo Temporary Entrance video and lots of issues on the Martin Goodman Trail on the South side of Lake Shore Blvd..


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