Tuesday, May 13, 2014

@TTCLeslieBarns Queen St Closure May 11 to June 21, 2014 - Cyclist & Pedestrian Detours

Queen Street East is closed at Leslie Street until late June 2014.

The Walking Detours

The sidewalks are open on both the north side of Queen and the south side. The south side sidewalk detours south to Memory Lane and then back up to Queen. The north side sidewalk detours north to the lane just behind the Nose Bar - about 1/3 the distance out of your way compared to the south sidewalk route. So your better through-route if your walk is straight through the intersection, east-west, is the north side, sidewalk.

Cyclists have to walk their bikes along the sidewalk with pedestrians. If your not willing to do that - Jones Bike Lanes, Dundas Bike Lanes, and Greenwood Bike Lanes comprise the cycling detour (right).

Here's the Pedestrian Detour Map, a picture I took at Curzon and Queen - north side, May13, 2014.

The Mass Transit Detours

For Bus and Street Car, here's the @TTCLeslieBarns Detour Route map from "Construction Notice May 7, 2014 – Queen and Leslie Intersection Closed" (https://www.ttc.ca/PDF/Transit_expansion_PDFs/LeslieBarns_Notice28_Queen-Leslie-closure_May2014.pdf).

TTCLeslieBarns Map Queen and Leslie Intersection Closure Bus and Streetcar Service May 11 - June 21 2014

TTC Leslie Barns (blog) | https://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Projects/Leslie_Barns/news.jsp


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