Saturday, May 17, 2014

Victoria Day Picnic and Ride down the Leslie Spit

Join Ward 30 Bikes for a recreational ride on the Leslie Spit on Victoria Day - Monday, May 19, 2014.

Meet at the Gates of Tommy Thompson Park (the Spit) at the bottom of Leslie Street (Unwin and Leslie) at 12-12:15pm as we group to take a leisurely ride along the Park's main spur road - perhaps all the way to the Light House!

We will stop along the way somewhere beautiful for a BYO-Lunch (bring your own lunch) Picnic.

Image via TRCA - Tommy Thompson Park looking northeast towards the bird blind area at "Cell 1"

We will go as far as the group feels. It's 5km to the Light House from the gates at Unwin. Add to this the trip from your home and we may just pick a stop point at some distance that we all feel comfortable with.

We could walk our bikes along the walking tails to a great spot on one of the "Embayments", or on the walking trails around one of the "Cells" near the Bird Blind; or we could ride to one of the "Lookouts" off the Lake-side road; or check out the raised landing area with a cool meeting-place-circle-of-giant-rocks, places to sit, just past the floating bridge --- whatever people feel like.

I made a map.

Michael Holloway,
For Ride Creator, Ward 30 Bikes member,
Jo Oppenheimer

Image via

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