Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Connecting Greater Riverdale to the Lake

School of Urban and Regional Planning
Ryerson University
Advanced Planning Studio - Fall 2014
"Connecting Greater Riverdale to the Lake"
Terms of Reference

In January of this year Paul Young and myself talked with Ryerson University Professor Don Verbanac about using the problem of the limited number of connections that are available between South Riverdale and the Lake Ontario water front, in the practical planning coarse he teaches every fall at Ryerson's School of Urban and Regional Planning.

He has accepted our challenge and is about to put it to his students in this fall's Advanced Planning Studio course.

Paul Young, a Health Promoter at South Riverdale Community Health Centre (Queen St. East and Carlaw Ave), and myself, Michael Holloway, Captain of Ward 30 Bikes (the Cycle Toronto Ward advocacy group for the area), will act as the Clients.

The students will analyze the problem and produce a do-able plan, and a multi-media presentation of that plan.

Tomorrow is a visit to the Planning Studio at Ryerson to outline our problem and answer any questions the student Planners have about it.

Next week is a ride down Logan Ave and proximate environs to look at existing conditions.

Down the road there will be a stakeholders' meeting in the neighbourhood.

Do you have any ideas you think we should take to the process? Please let us know.

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