Friday, August 29, 2014

New Cycling route through Revival 629 Studios avoids Carlaw

Egress rules across the Lineal Park were supposed to keep the Revival 629 Studio's LSB gate closed, except 11pm to 7am.

It's been open all the time now for quite a while (weeks? - months?) ...

.. And cyclists have already started using it as a safe route between the Lower Don Recreation Trail and the Eastern Avenue Bike Lanes.

New Cycling route through Revival 629 Studios avoids Carlaw

Northbound, take the west-side-of-the-building path up to Pape. Southbound you may choose to enter at the east gates (just west of Winnifred) and ride across the top to the west-side path

It's great! It avoids the nearby narrow, congested, ugly, dirty, dangerous, pot-holed Carlaw Avenue - excellently. :)

But what does it say about Small Blocks as a way to create livable neighbourhoods all along the South of Eastern study area generally, and the StudioCentre proposed development specifically?

Small Blocks are really important - but so far we haven't been successful at creating Complete Streets through intersections that cross Lake Shore Boulevard; part of that is political part of it is cultural - the other part is mechanical.

How do we create Complete Streets intersections at these new neighbourhood streets that cross a Grand Boulevard like Lake Shore Boulevard?:

I expect the answer is that we cannot have Grand Boulevards - don't need Grand Boulevards - of the type that we have now here in this Lake Shore Boulevard.


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