Wednesday, August 27, 2014

LSB/LDRT Intersection Hazards

LSB/LDRT Intersection Hazards

.. I end with "'s a big problem ... at Morse..." - and I go on to say (as my battery over-heats) - 'at Logan and Booth.'

That is - Conflicts between Drivers and Trail Users - where the motor vehicle drivers are nosing into the Lower Don Recreation Trail (or completely blocking it) as they try to make a dangerous and heart pounding merge onto the fast Lake Shore Boulevard from these small side streets.

In some cases I watched as the driver, confronted with so many vectors - and different qualities of vectors (cyclists at one set of speeds, joggers and at another speed...) - that they actually make mistakes and force cyclists to slam on their brakes of steer evasively to avoid being hit as the driver slams on their brakes just in time.

More videos on this are coming right up.

I spent 2 hours at Logan/LSB/LDRT tonight (Wednesday, August 27, 2014) between when this video was shot( at 5:24 pm) til about 7:30pm.

I saw the switch from commute cyclists dominating the traffic pulses along the LDRT, to recreation cyclists dominating the flows. The numbers never decreased. And all the while, motor vehicle traffic maintained a steady volume - both on the Lake Shore Boulevard and motor vehicle drivers using Logan southbound to get onto the LSB.

Very interesting.

Thinking that making Logan a through-street down to Commissioners with a signaled intersection at LSB, might be the best way to solve all this.

'Almosts' (bikes getting almost hit by cars) happen every few minutes at Logan. At the signaled intersections - like Carlaw - 'almosts' happen *just* once an hour. :\


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