Thursday, August 7, 2014

Masters of Industry: South Riverdale to be the new West-of-Spadina High-rise Tower Goldmine

Finance - Industry would line East Waterfront with Highrise Condo Towers from Don River to Woodbine.

By Michael Holloway 

Streetcar Developments - the developer who bought Jilly's - and is voluntarily including low income units in their plan for the remodeling of the property - have also acquired a 4 acre site between Eastern and Queen along the Don Roadway, a project they're calling "Riverside Square".

Streetcar Developments Site Context drawing - Cycling Connections

It's not Mid-rise - it's Highrise - and it's a good indication why the developer did the 'loss-leader' thing about the low income units at the Jillys' proposed development. A little good-will goes a long way (a long way Up - in this case).

Jillys' is the 'Hi how are ya?'

The three, 7, 13 and 24 story towers are the,

'I'm your new neighbour (with the three loud barking dogs).'

But in case, the new neighbour with the loud dogs didn't just buy the house next door - they bought the whole block, and all the blocks in a 1/2km radius!

Welcome to the neighbourhood - I guess...

The good news is this company gets the Complete Streets and Sustainable Transportation part that going up 22 stories necessitates (that Mid-rise on the Avenues necessitates for that matter).

Quoting a recent letter to the Broadview/Queen Community:

"Given the scale and location of Riverside Square we see great opportunity to make much needed bike and pedestrian connections across the Don River to Corktown Common, provide new green space and perhaps most importantly: reintegrate the site into the traditional mixed-use character of the Queen East while providing valuable new services and publicly accessible amenities to the community."

Just so we're all on the same page on this - the elites, the establishment of this country - the banks, the financial institutions and their governments - are out of room on the West of Spadina side of Toronto's downtown - there's no room in South Parkdale - they can't build along the bottom of High Park

And so mark my words - and this development proposal and the First Gulf Leaver site proposal (that visions a Second City Centre anchored by a World Trade Center style array of towers) are the indicators - South Riverdale (and the new Lower South Riverdale, the Port Lands), is the new West-of-Spadina.

The functioning of greed and powerful special interest is visioning miles and miles of lake front highrise towers made of ticky-tacky* - all the way to Woodbine. A wall of private development that will create a another barrier to the water at the Lake front - a barrier to all but those who buy south-facing concrete cubicals (with windows that don't open).

Information link (via Paul Young newsletter) Spring Realty inc. | "Streetcar Plans Largest Development in Riverside History" |


Streetcar Developments | Riverside Square |

* 'tickey-tacky'? --> Pete Seeger - Little Boxes


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