Friday, August 29, 2014

Pt 3 - LSB/LDRT Intersection Hazards - Massing to the East of Logan

In Part 3 of the "LSB/LDRT Intersection Hazards" series, I get good video of drivers blocking the trail - at virtually every instance - as they try to make turns from southbound Logan onto westbound Lake Shore Boulevard.

In the second of these two video in Part 3, I look at the massing in driver's sightlines to the east of Logan that - in my opinion - is forcing drivers out across the trail in order to see to make their turns safely (for themselves and drivers on LSB anyway).

To conclude I present a possible fix for the driver sightlines problem.

LDRT/Logan - Driver Sightlines III - Turning drivers blocking the Trail

LDRT/Logan - Driver Sightlines IV - Massing to the east of Logan

Drivers turning westbound at Logan at Lake Shore Boulevard have to block the LDRT with their vehicles in order to get a clear view of oncoming traffic because in this observers opinion, their sightlines are blocked by a variety of fairly thin objects that together, mass to create a visual barrier as they try to understand the rate of approach of westbound LSB traffic.

This visual barrier complicates an already complicated intersection - which includes an east-west recreation trail, a railway line, and fast-moving highway traffic from the east.

May we suggest moving the trail as far south as far as possible; removing the 16 inch concrete barrier between the trail and the rail spur; moving the trees to the north side of the trail (into a bioswale construct please).

In this amateur planners' opinion, this would move the trail about a metre south, and at the same time clear driver's sightlines right where they would need to stop to avoid blocking the Trail. As well, the trees are suffocating right next to the roadway because of the carbon dioxide, ozone and the carbon monoxide massing there; moving them 3 metres away into a bioswale, might create vigorous growth - rather than a maintenance bill to replace them regularly.


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